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In the late 70's while visiting Hong Kong, Cynthia began collecting Jade and semi-precious carved stones. It was there that she learned about the energies of stones and the symbolisms of their carvings. Years later, when her young son faced serious health issues, Cynthia recalled the healing energies of the stones and put together stones with appropriate healing energies for her son.     

Today, working with her son Alexander, Cynthia shares her knowledge of the energies of stones.  She designs exquisite handmade pillows and sachets created from luxurious silks, which are filled with lavender, and adorned with semi-precious stones making beautiful Jewels for the Home! Additionally, using silks, lavender and stones,  she creates a line of personal accessories; shoe trees, shoe bags, pajama bags, and eye pillows. "I choose to work with lavender because it has many beneficial qualities.  It is reviving, promotes restful sleep, soothes, and helps maintain one's sense of well-being," says Cynthia.

In keeping with her philosophy of the positive energies of stones, the Cynthia Alexander Collection includes a stunning line of jewelry created with semi-precious and precious stones as well as pearls.  Cynthia casts her own distinct earring designs, toggle closures, and necklace centerpieces in sterling and then bathes them in 14kt gold. She works with her clients to create "their own" earrings, available as clip-on's or pierced.  The customer may select from an array of various stones and pearls to personalize their earring choices. Cynthia's love of color & eye for the unusual is evident in the stunning stones she selects for her jewelry collection. Her focus is on creating timeless designs with a fresh look - collections which exude individual personality and romance.