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Lavender Pillows
Each one of a kind silk pillow is filled with French lavender and has a tag which depicts the type of stone used as well as the symbolism of the carving of the stone.  Cynthia Alexander will choose the stone and ribbon. 
Click on stones to view a selection of a few of the stones we use.  If interested in a stone in the higher priced "2" category please contact us for pricing information.
Some of the colors shown below are not available.
Please contact us for current fabric colors.
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Size "G" Large Roll - Lavender Pillow

Dimensions: 18 1/4" x 6"

Note that sizes are approximate and may vary. All items are made in limited editions and are subject to prior sale.

Price: $95.00
Quantity: Add to bag

Below is the list of fabrics available for our Lavender Pillows
(you can CLICK on the fabric to select it)

I11---Iridescent-Gold-Pink I11---Iridescent-Gold-Pink
I18---Iridescent-Orange-Pin I18---Iridescent-Orange-Pin
I24---Old-Gold-With-Green I24---Old-Gold-With-Green.gif
I25---Hummingbird I25---Hummingbird
I26---Iridescent-Green-Cran I26---Iridescent-Green-Cran
S101---Tobacco S101---Tobacco
S103---Sand S103---Sand.gif
S106---Spring-Green S106---Spring-Green
S108---Deep-Peach S108---Deep-Peach.gif
S109---Antique-gold-pink S109---Antique-gold-pink
S110---Putty S110---Putty
S113---Antique-French-Green S113---Antique-French-Green
S114---Antique-English-Yell S114---Antique-English-Yell
S118---Hunter-Green S118---Hunter-Green
S120---Copper S120---Copper
S23---Bittersweet S23---Bittersweet
S35---White S35---White
S44---Pale-Dusty-Blue S44---Pale-Dusty-Blue
S45---Iced-Pink S45---Iced-Pink
S52---Iced-Orchid S52---Iced-Orchid
S58---Mauve-Pink S58---Mauve-Pink
S59--Royal-Purple S59--Royal-Purple
S64---Honeydew-Melon S64---Honeydew-Melon
S66---Aquamarine S66---Aquamarine
S67---Vibrant-Royal-Blue S67---Vibrant-Royal-Blue
S70---Iced-Lemon S70---Iced-Lemon
S72---Lemon S72---Lemon
S75---Chinese-Gold S75---Chinese-Gold
S78---Iced-Sea-Foam-Green S78---Iced-Sea-Foam-Green
S81---Cranberry S81---Cranberry
S82---Black S82---Black
S83---Cornflower S83---Cornflower
S85---Sunset S85---Sunset
S86---Dusty-Violet S86---Dusty-Violet
S87---Silvery-Sand S87---Silvery-Sand
S89---Soft-Copper S89---Soft-Copper
S95---Rich-Red S95---Rich-Red
S96---Ivory S96---Ivory
S97---Baby-Pink S97---Baby-Pink
S98---Iced-Blue S98---Iced-Blue
S99---Turquoise S99---Turquoise
ST03---Goldfish-Taffeta ST03---Goldfish-Taffeta
ST20---Glittersweet-Pink-Ta ST20---Glittersweet-Pink-Ta
ST25---Gainsborough-Blue-Ta ST25---Gainsborough-Blue-Ta
ST26---Aqua-Taffeta ST26---Aqua-Taffeta
ST27---Dove-Grey-Marigold-T ST27---Dove-Grey-Marigold-T